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Nicola O’Byrne

things to know for breastfeeding & overcoming COMMON obstacles

Nicola O’Byrne, winner of Friends of Breastfeeding, Health Care Professional of the Year Award in 2017, is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, who runs breastfeeding classes as well as private consultations. As an IBCLC, Cuidiú Breastfeeding Counsellor and a neonatal/paediatric nurse, she takes great pleasure in helping mothers and babies get breastfeeding off to a good start and she is well placed to help when they need to overcome any hurdles. The talk will cover avoiding & overcoming common obstacles and there’ll be time for a Q&A afterwards.

Pauline O'Reilly

Educational Choices

This is a very important topic for many parents in Ireland right now. Do you wish you knew more about choices and alternatives within the Irish Education system? Pauline O'Reilly has a wealth of experience and knowledge that can help to inform parents interested in finding out options for their children's education. Pauline, a Green Party representative, has been involved in the opening of Educate Together and Steiner schools and was also previously the Chairperson of the Irish Home Education Network. She is a fantastic advocate for parents and children alike. Drop into her talk if you'd like to hear more about this hot topic. 

Positive Parenting Tips for dealing with challenging moments

Would you like some insight on how to deal with challenging parenting moments in a positive way. We will be talking about positive parenting with a practical approach.  Those attending the talk can expect a lot of discussion about gentle parenting and a belief that if you provide a loving environment, give clear guidelines and build consensus from the beginning of any relationship it will flourish through every stage. 

Sarah Flynn


Sarah Flynn from Relax, Balance, Birth will be talking about roadmaps for a positive birth. Sarah is a certified GentleBirth Instructor and also a qualified Microcurrent Therapist. GentleBirth has all the information you need to prepare for a positive birth experience – with or without an epidural. It helps parents  feel calm and more confident, looking forward to the birth of their baby! Knowledge is empowerment and being in control of the decision making during pregnancy and birth is crucial. The talk will include hands on tips for a positive birth and practical ways to get the best experience for you and your baby on the day.


First Aid

First Aid for Parents

This demonstration is designed to help teach parents how to deal with something that plays on many peoples minds. If you're little one ever needed help would you know what to do? Experienced representatives will be with us to demonstrate saving a choking baby, the recovery position for an infant and more useful practical information for infant first aid.


Aine Hennessy

KG Hypnobirthing

Áine is a registered midwife with vast experience. She is certified to provide care using aromatherapy in childbirth and also a certified KG Hypnobirthing instructor. KG Hypnobirthing is a complete birth preparation, providing information and the tools required to have an empowering experience of childbirth. Learn relaxation and breathing techniques that place you in control of your body. Helping you to release fear and negativity, replacing these emotions with a calm confidence. In the talk, she will cover the physiology of labour and how hypnobirthing is used during childbirth, including a short relaxation script used in hypnobirthing.


Babywearing Ireland

Babywearing Demonstrations

Using a baby sling or carrier is compatible with any parenting style or philosophy. Babywearing Ireland will be showing the different sling types, how they're used and demonstrating their benefits. The use of baby slings/carriers, known as babywearing, is beneficial for both children and caregivers. Using a sling makes things easier for parents, and helps to promote normal physical, emotional & mental development in babies and children. Baby slings /carriers are powerful tools, helping to meet a child’s needs whilst also getting day-to-day activities done.

Cloth Nappy Library

INTRO TO Cloth nappIES & Q&A's session

Not only can cloth nappies can save huge money over time, they are far better for the environment and they are better for baby's health and comfort. The Cloth Nappy Library Ireland will be providing demonstrations of nappy types, showcasing the types of loan kits that can be availed of, and have a Q&A session afterwards. Cloth Nappies are definitely worth a try and there is little to lose when you can borrow nappies at a low cost from the library